What Type of Mediation do You Need?

Malibu Mediation provides a variety of specialties to bring solutions to light in these specific areas:



Save Time, Money and Your future relationship with your Ex. 

Malibu Mediation will bring together the pieces for a healthier Divorce.

Fighting in court ensures that you will never be able to control the outcome of your divorce, mediation puts control back in your hands.


Often times parents forget that the children come first. We will help you both come to sensible conclusions about the future of your children, so you can work together. A bad custody agreement for either party will result in a tremendous amount of stress and time in court. This carries to the children as well, let Malibu Mediation guide you to smart decisions that will keep the family unit stable despite its separation.

Real Estate



Whether you bought or sold your property, have an encroachment issue or need resolution to a tenant problem, Malibu Mediation can help you resolve all of your Real Estate concerns while moving swiftly toward a civil conclusion. 




Are you an Employee, an Employer?  Have an issue but don't want to go through the courts? 

Malibu Mediation can assist you in resolving your issue timely and without penalties.


Post Settlement

Has your prior agreement become outdated? Have Life circumstances changed? 

Let Malibu Mediation bring together the spirit of your agreement with updated terms without having to litigate. Sometimes you just need some minor changes to keep the agreement making sense, we can help.

Corporate Negotiations

Trying to forge a path forward in an M&A transaction? 

Malibu Mediation can bring both sides to the table and focus the transaction on what matters most. Taking the legal pressure off the table and having an open conversation can promote a strong building block for your next Acquisition.

Chicken or the Egg?



Are you still trying to figure out the age old question? Does your partner disagree? 

At Malibu Mediation, there is no wrong answer and we will help you come to a conclusion on this and any other age old questions you may have!

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