Malibu Mediation has created several useful online Tools to aid you in determining the hard to figure out formulas provided by the Courts.

Our Maintenance (Formerly known as Alimony) Calculator.

This Calculator uses the formula provided by the California Courts, however, there may be variance between the calculator and actual results in Court. This is primarily due to the flexibility that the court has in determining this number as well as the ambiguity in determining a short or long term marriage. By definition a Short Term Marriage is one lasting less than 10 years and a Long Term Marriage is one that 10 years or more. The Judge has the discretion to modify that based on information in the case. 

Our Child Support Calculator.

This Calculator uses the exact formula provided by the Courts to determine the amount of Child Support that would be due. The formula is very complex and we have narrowed down the scope to provide an easy and accurate to use tool. It is important to note that the tool is only as good as the data you enter, so be sure to include all sources of income and detract all deductions in the provided fields.







Our Parenting Time Calculator.

This Calculator was created to determine the amount of time (to the half hour) per year for each parent. This is a highly complex formula and requires attention when entering the data. The results will give you an accurate percentage of time for each party that you can use in the Child Support Calculator above.  


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