The Mediation Process

For some disputes a Court trial will be the only means, for the civilized there is mediation.


Mediation is a voluntary process that is strictly neutral and often proposed by one of the parties, their attorneys or even the courts. Malibu Mediation uses a three pronged approach to evaluate your combined needs. We orchestrate solutions through guided negotiations and document the results. Through mutual agreement between the parties, Malibu Mediation creates the best possible outcome and the fairest one.  At no time will a party be pressured into a direction, this is a process designed to provide the knowledge you need to make your best possible decisions. There are rarely any winners in court but there can be a mutually agreeable solution that is created by you for your unique set of circumstances. Our goal is to provide swift resolution through a complex understanding provided by our very diverse and accomplished Mediation team. 

Malibu Mediation is extremely unique in that you will have two mediators present at your mediation, both mediators have different skill sets and will bring unique perspectives to the table.  Your mediation team will be balanced, the mediators will represent both the male and female perspective, both business and therapeutic experience as well as deep financial and negotiation expertise. Your issues will be handled in the strictest confidence and without bias. This is the best opportunity for both parties to not be in a multi-year war while draining your assets and being forced to comply with solutions that are unfavorable to all parties. 

Look no further than Malibu Mediation to avoid:

 -Costly Litigation - Tenuous Amounts of Wasted Time -

- Embarrassment - Results You Have No Control of - Adversarial Conflict -


Malibu Mediation is the complete source for resolution from beginning to end. We even Mediate post resolution matters. 

Step 1: Gathering Information


In the first meeting we look to accomplish Step 1 which is essentially an understanding of all of the facts around the issue, gathering all of the pertinent information and outlining the goals for the mediation process. This initial process usually takes about 2 hours and is completed in one session. 

Step 2: Mediation of Issues
In the second phase of the process the mediators will outline the issues that need to be resolved in a sensible order designed to encourage an easy step process. Mediation is neutral and no party will ever be on shaky ground. Our knowledge and experience will help both parties come to agreement one by one until all matters are resolved. This is the working part of the relationship and requires some patience, however at Malibu Mediation we pride ourselves in tackling even the most difficult of issues as if they were our own.
Step 3: Documentation
In the third step of the process , all of the negotiations have completed and the mediators will compile the information into a formal document. This document will then be shared between the parties to ensure final agreement. In this step of the process it is recommended that if you have council they review the agreement. Malibu Mediation does not act as legal council and does not provide legal advice of any kind. Once complete, all parties will sign the document, and it can be filed with the court if required. 

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