Malibu Mediation is focused on delivering guidance through an understanding and balanced approach. By providing two distinctively different perspectives and analyzing your specific needs, we can help you come to equitable and lasting results. Our approach is extremely unique and offers you an opportunity to settle your differences with your best interests in mind without the lengthy and strenuous court process.


In our experience we can resolve most issues in weeks instead of years through the legal system. This is important both financially and emotionally allowing you to save tens of thousands if not hundreds of thousands of dollars and heal through a process that is logical and goal oriented.  The typical divorce process can take 8 months to two years and results are determined by a judge that does not have the time to get to know the parties, their needs or the needs of any minors involved. The courts are overburdened and the legal process is adversarial and focused on the succesful outcome for a single client.  Let us guide you through a path to resolution and provide you the results you wanted without the gamesmanship and turmoil that most endure.

Ivory O'Rourke
Chief Mediation Officer

Ivory has a Masters in Psychology, currently obtaining her doctorate. Ivory has completed extensive work with trauma and family dynamics as well as experience in Real Estate.

* Masters in Psychology from Alliant University

* Doctorial Project on Mediation

* Repeat Business Owner & Operator

* 6 years in Real Estate

* Certified in Divorce Mediation

Keir Kleinknecht
Chief Mediation Officer

Keir has managed several small and medium sized businesses both Public and Private. His experience includes the following roles:

* CEO/COO/CFO for over 25 companies worldwide

* Sales & Operations

* HR Functions

* Collectible Valuations

* M&A Negotiations and Documentation

* Real Estate Landlord & Tenant

* Divorce Mediation Training

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